919 Tribute

Not GT40 but fits in nicely in this crowd...

Whatever you may think of the modern day era LMP/WEC cars, this impresses me. I watch videos and think, meh, I'm sure that is fast but it doesn't look fast- at least on TV or the internet.

This one puts that to bed. It looks like a slot car with a dozen traction magnets. It looks FAST:

Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo Explained - YouTube

It's too bad the major manufacturers have almost all stepped away from the internal combustion endurance series. I enjoyed the battles, although battling Audi for a while was a bit pointless. It will be interesting to see what becomes of the 24 in the future.

Larry L.

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'Not making an accusation, but, some of that footage appears as though it could have been 'sped up' a tad. 'No question that thing is blindingly F-A-S-T regardless.

If I were a gadzillionaire, I think I'd have a two passenger LMP car (pseudo-'clone' of the Caddy DPi-V.R?) built for the street just for kicks and giggles! Think of all the traffic jams / rear-enders something like that might cause! :lipsrsealed:

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