A great weekend

Brian Stewart
I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed the weekend at the Classic. It was great to be able to put faces to names and to talk to friendly and like minded people. A big thank you to Ian Anderson for dropping me back to my hotel in his 40 at the close of play.

If anyone is ever in my part of the world, look us up. We always have plenty of spare beds and my 40 may just be finished by the time you visit.
I dropped arround to the tent several times over the weekend be could not find anyone willing to talk much. I did find some owners who were happy to discuss our passion. I managed to purchase some 50th aniversary roundels (thanks Chris)i may frame one to keep my car company in my man room.
DRB ls1 G50

Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter
Great to meet you and put name and face together

Lift back to hotel was more like a 5 mile sauna!

Back hole near Heathrow after a 400 plus drive and Chunnel crossing
Pissed down in the last 10 miles so the car even got a wash!

Darren apologies for not being there as and when you were around, perhaps next time