A novel way to catch drug traffickers?

Terry Oxandale

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My comment earlier was with tongue firmly planted in cheek, so here is my serious comment.
We in Oz are bombarded with legislation, designed to "protect"us. Each new legislation/ law takes away another small freedom. It may seem insignificant at the time but when they are all added together they impinge on your rights to move freely and be free.
In this instance, the cry if you ain't breaking the law you don't have a problem may be correct.
But do those who put themselves in the position of upholding the law have the right to lie to entrap people? Is the next step planting drugs on a known dealer
Because we know he is a dealer but just can't get the evidence?
Beware of allowing big Government to take away small freedoms, you will end up being their slave.
I rarely agree with your postings, but I agree with this one. Give the government and inch under the supposition that it is for the greater good, and abuse is sure to follow. Today, anything that the government wants to hide is hidden under the "national security" ruse, with no means of verifying the truth of that claim. Snowden called them out, and now he has become an embarrassment to the US government, but not the US citizens. Any police officer that "feels threatened" can play that card in a bad shooting. The people are slowly losing control of government one small freedom at a time.

For those that speak the "if you've nothing to hide..." statement, let law enforcement set up a camera in your house or in your yard to ensure you've nothing to hide. If you are squeaky clean, would you object?

Jim Craik

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What a load of tosh! In the UK, we are going through a debarcle over random stop and search. Nothing to hide? SO stop me! Who cares? Civil liverty? See the bigger picture. Entrapment? Not if you aint holdin buddy!
I also rarely agree with Pete, but I do here!

So Mark, are you OK with the Government randomly looking through your computer for Illegal activity?

If you have nothing to hide you should be OK with that.

How about the Government randomly going through your home looking for any sort of crime?

If you have nothing to hide, you should be OK with that.

As Terry says, how about the government setting up camaras in your home, just in case you commit a crime?

If you have nothing to hide, you should be OK with that as well.
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'Wouldn't be constitutional here, Mark. '4th amendment prohibits searches and seizures w/o "probable cause" and/or a warrant. (Buuuuuuut that doesn't mean it isn't DONE regardless.)

One of our Founders, Ben Franklin, said, in effect, that anyone willing to give up his liberty for security DESERVES NEITHER. And he was 100% correct.
Exactly Larry....This constant giving up liberties piece by piece is a slippery down hill slope. It amazes me how easly some people will just hand over something that was paid for with someone else's blood.

Pete McCluskey.

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Granted - it's a disgraceful statistic, but if there were less people off their heads on manufactured 'designer dope' and enforcing it's sale and distribution maybe you could reduce that figure somewhat?

Are there any figures which connect gun crime to the illicit drugs industry?

My point is that it's all connected. You cannot possibly pass draconian laws against weapons if the need to own/fire/obtain one is driven by the tragic consequences of this disgusting trade.

I recently saw a documentary of a guy in the USA on 'P'. He was a very well built fella, stark naked, covered in (his own) blood and completely out of control on a quiet suburban street close to a school. It was down to the professionalism of the law enforcement officers that brought him to heel, when they could have just shot him when he viciously attacked a female officer.

My point is, I never realised what that shit does to a person before, and anyone that distributes stuff like that should be put on death row. No excuses.

You have to decide what kind of society you want and then enforce it vigorously because there are people out there, increasing in number exponentially, who want to tear it all down. If you want to be all touchy feely with people, fair enough, but I believe it's gone way past that in many Western countries.

As these matters tend to escalate - do you want to guess where we'll be in 10 years time? Fighting a war on several fronts? Political & religious terrorism/drug wars/corporate malfeasance.

There'll be no good people left and it's no good sitting back and blaming the Police and Government - the chattering classes will just have to stop talking and take action.

Spot on Keith, well said.:thumbsup:


Hey Pete, I think you know what I'm getting at here. If you or you family have (Lord forbid) suffered at the hands of these debased criminals, you will not want to preach the banning of firearms - you will want to go and buy one, or two and have at it. Ask Charles Bronson. There is a reason that the Death Wish franchise resonated with the public..and it's still valid today..

Ask me how I know? It still hurts and is disabling 10 years on.

I'm not at all mad - I just want to get even...:evil:

So, drug dealers? Zero tolerance....

Pete McCluskey.

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I totally agree Keith, about gun ownership and zero tolerence to drug dealers.
In my country if I want a gun for protection I immediately become a criminal. As you know guns are banned in Oz so only bad people have guns.
Guys, Terry Jim, Larry, et al,

I truly do see your points. Mine however, is not one of willingly giving away freedoms, hard fought for and won by the blood of our forefathers.

Of course I wouldn't want a Police State, free to read our private mail, inspect our computers or place cameras in our homes!

That suggestion is (forgive the slur) somewhat immature. If you guys read what I am saying openly, I have already said in this post and many others, that the Police and Governments should be more accountable and even audited by the people.

I am attempting (quite poorly apparently), to suggest that we all, (assuming all here are reasonable people), must defend the society we claim to love and support first, not last. Some people suggest (as I read it) that to carry out random spot checks to catch drug traffickers is to infringe on everyone's rights. I suggest that by knowingly allowing everyone to travel around without any danger of being caught, is to invite trafficking.

If you know some ass hole deals drugs from his house, you can set up surveillance and catch them in the act. That is not the same as going all lefty on me and suggesting that I therefore condone installing cameras in every home to catch drug dealers in their living rooms.

Frankly I hate the way some folk take everything to the extreme. Somewhere in the middle, you guys are right, but then so am I!

We must defend what we hold dear and stop defending those who live to abuse it. There ought to be a way to effectively enforce our Laws and catch those who would kills us or abuse us, not enforced the rules that prevent us from doing so effectively. I sometimes think that some of you still live on Walton's Mountain!

Ensure your Politicians are held to account, scrutinise those who hold office and question them to ensure that they do not abuse the powers we have given them. But for god's sake, give them the power to protect us. Hang em out to dry if they fail to do so or abuse that power.
Just to add:

When trafficking drugs across state lines, or taking them in your car from your drug den to your distribution drop-off off point, you are out in public. To me, that makes you fair game. Please don't go all poofy on me and suggest that means that I welcome random home invasions from some Orwellian, armed goon-squad.

Pete McCluskey.

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Just to add:

When trafficking drugs across state lines, or taking them in your car from your drug den to your distribution drop-off off point, you are out in public. To me, that makes you fair game. Please don't go all poofy on me and suggest that means that I welcome random home invasions from some Orwellian, armed goon-squad.
Fair enough mate I understand where you're coming from.
In the State where I live the cops can pull you over at anytime for a random breath test or drug test. Almost every time I drive the GT40 I get pulled over,
because the buggas just want to have a look. So the law is already in place here.
It does not seem to have any effect on the drug trade and those who get caught are small time moronic users. The Mr. Bigs are still raking it in and seem immune to capture.

Jim Craik

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They can just pull you over, for no reason?

When I first got the Batmobile, I was sure I would get pulled over all the time, but it hasn't happened. Other than that time they caught me fair and square doing 80 in a 55, I have not been pulled over at all.

I can't figure it out, for the first few months I had no licence plates at all and I've never had a front licence plate, yet its been five years and almost 40,000 miles, they leave me alone!

Has anybody else had this experiance?