A quick question for the aussies

Hey guys one little problem I may have jumped the gun on, steering columns, for Aus rego do they have to be collapsible or not

cheers John

And if the component between the column and rack is collapsible they like that as well.
If you make that out of parts you need to show due diligence.
Drawing,components,penetration report if welded.
All NSW but still ADR is national.

Thanks Jim, looks like I might have to re think my EAPS arrangement, as the late model Alto unit I picked up is air bag and not collapsible, bugger.

cheers John
Hi Kaspa,

I've registered 2 clubbies, both with the VW 'mesh' collapsible steering column insert. Both were totally acceptable to ACT engineer and Rego authorities.

The 40 has a Nissan collapsible column, and I don't expect probs from anyone.