A “Scale” GT40 builder from Germany..

Hi all!

Short introduction of myself. To not bore those guys that are into the real deal only I say it right away... my GT40's are not 1:1 but rather 1:8. I however try to replicate the original as detailed as possible. And that is the reason I am here... I really hope that I may find one or two kind people that can answer some questions and/or provide me with pics and detailed info on parts etc.

If all that is not welcome here then I fully understand but would still be a "read only" member :). Btw, I am not a company but do have a website where I show my builds. After receiving the ok from Admins I will gladly post a link here.

Herzlich willkommen Volker!
Hier sind auch einige Modellbauer unterwegs, Dir wird sicher geholfen.
Aus welcher Ecke in Deutschland kommst Du?

Welcome Volker!
Here are also some modelers on the road, you will certainly be helped.
From which corner of Germany do you come?


Hallo Volker,
auch von mir herzliche wollkommen. Auch ich bin Modellbauer und baue gerade den GT40 von "de Agostini" Aus welcher Ecke kommst Du?
Oh, wee schpeek Sherman here :D... surprise.

Also, Location OWL / Paderborn mit derzeit 4 x GT40 von Altaya/De Ago/Modelspace auf der Werkbank (alle im Auftrag). Wer genau ist da eigentlich der Hersteller?

And for those w/o any knowledge of the German language - I am situated in Northrhine Westfalia, small city called Paderborn and currently have 4 x GT40's in 1/8th on my bench (all made to order).

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Welcome to GT40s.com Volker.. Please feel free to post a link in the Wings, Wheels and Keels forum to your modeling site for our members.
Thx, Randy! Will do... As requested, here are some pics. All parts done by me, myself and I for the Altaya GT40 in 1/8th. It is always a pain in the b... searching the net for accurate details etc. So, as mentioned before, that's why I joined the experts :).



Thursday I had lunch with my usual "car friends" and Dave Cummins brought a model that he had built. While it is not a GT40, you may find it interesting. Dave is a retired designer from the Chrysler Corporation and had "redesigned" a Bugatti Aerolithe as he had imagined it. The workmanship and detail is incredible. He started with a block of balsa wood and carved it into the shape he wanted and then cast a mold and used it to produce resin bodies. The model has a fully detailed chassis, engine and wire wheels.


I may have just seen THE light o_O! Now that is outstanding work. Next time please give him my compliments and tell him he has at least one fan on the other side of the pond :cool:.

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Moved & Re-titled this thread...

Amazing craftsmanship!