AC help needed - won't pressurize when trying to charge

Chris Kouba

I am trying to charge my AC system and it's not taking the refrigerant.

I pumped down the system and held vacuum all day, so there shouldn't be any leaks, right? Both the hi and lo sides held their vacuum at ~30" Hg literally for hours. I put the first can of refrigerant in and it brought the low side up to ~60psi but the compressor never kicked on. I jumpered the compressor to force it to work but the hi pressure side still didn't gain pressure. It hasn't moved from its ~30" reading.

I've poked through it for leaks but don't see any. With the gauges holding at ~60psi and ~30", there shouldn't be leaks, right?

Any good suggestions for troubleshooting?

Randy V

Lifetime Supporter
X2 on the thermal expansion valve...
Is this the first time it’s been charged?
Some compressors come pre-charged and their are valves that need to be opened to allow them to flow. But I don’t know that to be the case with yours.

Chris Kouba

Yep. Never been charged. Is there a manner in which the expansion valve can be tested? Or are the symptoms I describe the classic signs?

Chris Kouba

And if anyone has a p/n for the Hot Rod Air replacement equivalent....

I think I'll be calling Vintage Air in the morning.