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Be prepared for the usual idiosyncratic American car movie cliches such as only using full throttle in a race when you are about to be passed, and slamming down a gear when supposedly flat out, as if to transition from cruising to racing - in a race...

(That reminds me of their sound dubbing for motorbikes in other movies - Almost invariably a 2 stroke will be dubbed over a four stroke and vice versa...
Calm Tim... stay calm...)

Not to mention the distinct lack of the actual European history of the cars - from memory the sole concession being a car turning up in a plane from England - and other inaccuracies that are less problematic.

I have only watched this thing once so perhaps my memory is distorted but I much preferred the similar documentary that came out not long before it, although that too seemed to forget England and many other things.

Although they state that all scenes were done without effects it sure didn’t look that way to me. Much of it looked as if it was in front of a screen and some looked sped up. I thought I picked some CGI as well but maybe I was wrong about that, I haven’t rechecked.
I’m glad they made this film but it could have been so much better. See Lemans for a better movie (well, except for the stupid love interest stuff anyway).
I watched them together - Shelby advertisement first, then Lemans.

If Neil is referring to me then - not much. It was just barely ok IMO, but a subject I am really glad they chose to make a movie about.
The things I mentioned (and all the others I didn’t), AND the choice of focus, gave me a rash.

Many, many, historical inaccuracies in this film, even concerning the main characters & races. ie; (Miles WAS in the 1965 Le Mans 24hr)

Covered elsewhere on the forum if you want to search.