Active Power ZSR GT Coyote

Randy V

Looks like C5 Corvette to me - a great suspension package...

Good to read your posts Chris!
I'd love to know more about the Ridetech air springs...
Yes the suspension is C5 Corvette. The ZSR stands for Zero Scrub Radius. That's the direction we decided to go when we planned these cars. The tires today require completely different suspension geometry that the old days. The aluminum Vette suspension components are readily available and really help the cost.
The design is current though. We had Jim Griffith a race engineer in out area move the pickup point around compensating for the shift in weight bias from the front engine Vette to the GT. He back out some of the anti squat and anti dive.
We're planning on testing this summer hoping to get some real cornering force out of these things. 1.5 G's ? I just reconnected with my old buddy John Hotchkis. Ought to be interesting.
Thanks for the comments

The Ridetech suspension. This is the first one so we'll see. They have made tremendous advancements with the air ride. It actually is a good idea for the street. Rob just wanted the ability to get in and out of rough spots that was the reason he went with it, but, they have their package dialed in to handle it looks like. We'll see.
I'm deciding now on the control unit to go with there are options there that I'm investigating. Stay tuned.


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Hi Chris
I'm interested in how much Jim altered the front end pick up points. Is that something you keep close to your chest or can you share the details.
Nice car by the way

Ian Anderson

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Interesting exhaust system

I'd the Coyote not a flat plane crank so not needing a crossover?
Or is this system doing the correct pulses side to side?

I really liked the sound

But over here we would require a bit more silencing.

Hi Ian,
The Coyote is still a 120 deg crank. The firing order is ironically the same as the old Flathead V8. The new GT350 engine is a flat crank so yeah the 180 deg headers would be pointless. Basically what you're trying to accomplish with the scavenging of the exhaust pulse is accomplished with the flat crank with conventional exhaust.
I can see that new GT350 engine coming, it will be a shame to loose the signature exhaust system these cars are known for.

On another note I just realized the amazing Kennedy engine transmission adapter works perfectly. It was this time last year we were working with them designing the Coyote to Porsche set up. It is a work of art. Just realized "it works" The clutch is as smooth ans can be. I really have to hand it to the people at Kennedy, when Brett told me he was using the stock starter I said to myself, how is he going to do that? Really something.



Car sounds great! The turning radius is stellar as well. Neither of my 40s would turn in that tight space without a LOT more back and forth! Sent you a pm, Scott

Mike D

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Chris, the craftsmanship looks top notch! Great job! I have a question and please don't take it as anything other than curiosity. The rear clam on the car above along with some of the other mfg's like CAV, seems to have a different profile than that of some of the other mfg's like RCR and SPF. The rear seems to drop off at a steeper angle. I'm curious as to the origin of this shape? Thanks
Thanks Mike

This tail section came from a KVA originally. We actually realized what you are talking about and believe we were bonding the inner structure into the tail section with it somewhat compressed together and that end up causing the rear to droop down like you are saying. We pull the rear wheel opening apart now before we bond the inner panels in. it stands the rear up a little. Here's a roller we just shipped how does this look? Chris


This past Saturday I was at Chris’ shop making final preparations for this weeks delivery of an amazing wide body he did for me.