adaptor plate dimensions

Hi, Does anyone have the dimensions of the bellhousing fixing holes and cranshaft to flywheel holes for a ford 302 engine. Also if anyone has a template for the Audi 016 bellhousing bolt holes as I'm about to make up an adaptor plate.

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I have a CAD drawing of the small block Ford to Audi 016 plate. These dimensions were taken from one that Kennedy made.
I have a modified 016 gearbox that can handle the higher power - 480 hp, 420 torque. BUT, I would HIGHLY ADVISE you all consider the 01E box instead. It is MUCH more capable of the needs you'll have as well it's much more modern. None, if at all little parts available for the 016 - I KNOW by trying to find them. Bolt pattern is the same, but width of plate may need to vary with the 01E, but that is my next step I bet. Several vendors will pitch in advice I bet about the same as above........Just a thought.
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01E also has Close Ratio available, 016 does not, and I almost never get to 4th or 5th with spirited drivng (or racing) as the stanard gears are so wide (tall).
Perhaps I am swatting at the hornet's nest on this one, but I am having a hard time understanding why you don't simply purchase the adapter kit directly from Kennedy?

They spent quite a bit of time working with builders to develop a number of adapters for the kit car market. It seems a bit of a shame for someone to send their hard work out for all to copy. As a vendor here, and one who has made some adapter plates of our own, I can tell you that a lot goes into making these and getting them correct.

If you want to try to make one of your own that is one thing, but to simply copy Kennedy's hard work, is quite something else. Vendors here and around the world all work quite hard so that you are able to complete your projects, and speaking for myself, are happy to do so. It is great to be a part of someone's project, however, if this was a GBox product being freely shared for people to copy, I think I would be quite disappointed. It makes it hard to put the work in if it is just going to be copied after the fact by everyone else.

Just saying.

Erik Johnson


Well said Eric G box.

The adaption to the Porsche G50 or 930 style is quite easy --adapter plate and flywheel are custom made and the rest is off the shelf.

The Audi . 016, 01E, 012, 013 and G86 or whatever are all quite different to each other .
The clutch usually has to be custom made to handle the V8 torque and because of the clutch cover OD (small) and the input shaft spline, (many variations) then a custom flywheel has to be made
The next consideration is the starter..... so much for a cheap gearbox , the adaption is quite a challenge
Just my observations so far.....
The US customers want it in a package off the shelf.
The Brits will keep fiddling until something works.
The Europeans are happy with what we offer
The Aussies want all the info for nothing :laugh:
Can anyone provide me a link to a adapter supplier for the 01E transmissions please.

On kennedy I can not find a lot suitable.

Randy V

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Those are the drawings I did several years ago and sent to a few people. I didn't really intend them to be distributed web wide.
I have removed the post with attachment.

If anyone wants to request - they should PM Eric unless he indicates that he would rather not share any longer.