Adjusting rear camber

Guys , how are we supposed to adjust the rear camber? I understand that it is the single rose joint nearest the chassis that must be adjusted but I can’t even get a spanner in three for the backing nut. Do I need to remove it all, guesstimate an adjustment and put it all back together again and lower the car to check and repeat until it’s correct? Sounds like there must be an easier way .....
Any help welcomed....


Eddy McClements

Depends which car you have, but I would have thought that the upper link would be made with RH / LH rod ends so that you can slacken the two lock nuts, rotate the upper link and this will move the top of the upright in/out to adjust camber. You'll then need to readjust toe and caster with the two long trailing links.

Eddy McClements

If you can't adjust the inner end of the lower wishbone, could you adjust the two outer Rose / heim joints? Or, do as you say - remove the bolt retaining the lower inner rose joint and make your best guess at the adjustment needed then re-assemble. You might then be in the ball-park, and fine-tuning could then be achieved by rotating the upper link.

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
If you know the thread pitch of the rose joints, and with a little trig, and you can figure out how many half-turns will get the camber change you want, or to get close to. And then as Eddy noted, use the upper link to fine tune.