Advantages of provided steering column?

Just getting started on my car (It's in the garage, I'm pretty much organized now and weather is turning nasty).

What are the advantages of the provided steering column over a collapsible race column?

Obviously blinkers and I assume the key switch.

With a removable wheel, I can't say I care about tilt/tele. I can place the wheel where I want during assembly. And, I see some folks are not happy about the space taken by hardware that supports those functions anyway.

I assume there is no issue using a dash key switch and another blinker switch with ISIS. I can handle fab of a suitable blinker switch to work with a race column.

Are there other advantages I should consider before making a decision?

Fran Hall RCR

Its really to provide an OEM feel and offer adjustment for the potential of having multiple drivers.
The OEM light and turn signal switches and the ISIS makes it a much simpler installation for many of the builders that don't like the wiring process.