After a favour from someone located in Germany..

Hi all -

I've been asked to install a Bosch Race ABS / TC system to a Porsche 997 GT3 track car but am getting very strange costings and lead-times from UK dealerships regarding parts. I know that Bosch are able to supply the parts direct to end user but am unable to contact a friendly German dealer as I'm linguistically challenged when it comes to speaking German... :(

SO - anyone able to call a local German Bosch dealer on my behalf?

All I really want to know is the supplied price in Euros.

Part number of conversion is: F 02U V00 289-98 ABS Kit.

It is specially designed to be a direct fit to the 997 Cup car and has extra harness parts, AS connectors and the wheel speed interface box which supplies digital speed signals to the ECU.

I am interested in supplied price and lead-time.

If anyone can help with the call, please email or PM me.. Thanks :)