Air ride slc ?

Has anyone put air ride on there slc im looking at building one thats streetable but theres a lot of potholes and railroad tracks around where i live and the adjustable hight would really help out


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I'm not aware of anyone that's implemented an air ride. Many street SL-Cs, including myself, use a hydraulic lift up front. You could add two more lift pucks to the rear and use the same pump.

Joel K

I have the Ramliftpro, another forum member was planning on using this air ride system but don’t remember who. Looks nice but the air tank Looks sizable and you would have to find a place for it.


Bill Kearley

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It's not an are ride system, but an on demand lift kit. It could come in very handy at times. An electric pump and a pressure regulator is all you need. No tank necessary unless you want a quicker reaction than your pump can provide.

Ken Roberts

Ron McCall is using it. Perhaps PM him.

Ram Pro equipped. I find running the lift at+1" above full low on some our rougher NorCal freeways is a reasonable way to keep from bottoming the shocks, all while allowing one to still have the low ride height on smoother roads. Keep in mind these cars are steel on steel rod end suspensions, so any sharp edged bumps will send shock waves and noise though the chassis. Raising the chassis manually at the shock threaded body or by the lift pad allows for more travel easing the possibility of the more harsh sounding (and feeling) bottoming coming into play.

Air powered systems react much faster.


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"rougher NorCal freeways" == paved 6 months ago in New England :) Regardless of where you drive I'd suggest hard rubber bump stops. I assume that the QA1s have provision for these...
Scott, sounds like you'll need the full urethane insert suspension I am contemplating. One more thing on the 'one more thing' list.