air vents for side window

Is there anyone who can give me some contacts where I can find circled air vents in plexi to put on side door windows?
It hot inside...
these are an aircraft item. any good parts supplier for light planes should be able to help. regards

I just took delivery of mine last night ! They came from Car Builder Solutions in the UK. Their contact number is +44-(0)1580-891309. They cost me £18 for a pair and seem to be well finished and of good quality.

Good Luck.


Did some surfing on the internet and found a company that carries several different style vents. Go to and do a search for vent. Hope this helps.

many thanks for your input.It looks great,it was cheap and definitely feels great when driving with fresh air!
To be recomended for those who have not airco.
I'm glad they worked. Where abouts did you fit them on the window ? (ie centre, top rear etc). They certainly are easy to fit and seem to be relatively well made. I also think they look very nice on the car. Mine, although fitted, have not yet been tried as my car is very near to completion. Anyway, I'm glad to have helped. Thanks for letting me know.
Hi there,

Can someone please send a picture were you have placed the air vents - or perhaps describe where it should be placed at the side window?

Thank you 40´s!

Hello, !

Some cars used these items.
Most of these had them mounted in the middle of the window flap.
Some run without the flap.
Some run without the whole side window.
MkIV´s used slide window´s mounted on the side windows.

Shelby MK-IV's have sliding vents. Holman MK-IV's have triangular flip out vents. My MK-IV has sliders to which I've added an outside scoop which helps.