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Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen
Since you guys also use 'Vette front uprights, it would be very helpful if you could share the alignment settings that you have found to work well with your cars. No doubt, the settings that you use will have to work better for those of us with Sabres (and other cars that use 'Vette suspension parts) than using stock Corvette settings!

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I haven't quite got that far on mine...but the Manual for the front says...

Ride Height 110 mm
Camber 1 - 1.5 degress -ve
Caster 3 - 4 degree
Toe -in 1mm to 2 mm


Peter Delaney

GT40s Supporter
Lynn, mine is set up exactly as per Mike's figures - seems to work fine on the road. Minimal bump-steer (see below*), even & minimal tyre-wear, & "railway line" handling are the only indicators I have to go on until I eventually have a go on the track.

* Bump-Steer - I can't seem to sense this much at all when hitting bumps with one wheel (or both), but I do notice some "tram-lining" when running along longtitudinal joints in the road - perhaps this is just a symptom of wide tyres & crappy roads ?

BTW, I have the factory specs on the rear as well :

- Camber = 1 deg neg
- Caster = 4 deg
- Toe-In = 1/16"

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Peter D.

Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen
Peter and Mike,

Thanks very much! Your "stock" settings are very similar to the Sabre recommended settings.

Having taken a look at Lee Stanley's pictures of the DRB suspension setup, I am not sure if any altered or race setups for the DRB will be applicable to the Sabre. As I mentioned in my thread in the chassis section, I am NO suspension expert, but the way the upper A arm is mounted on the DRB brings a whole new twist on the the comments Russ Noble made with respect to caster settings. It would appear that the way the inner attach points for the DRB's upper A arm are designed, the front uprights undergo dynamic caster change as the suspension compresses. This would, no doubt, come into play with any modifications made to alignment settings for performance or track usage of a DRB car and would make any such changes totally inapplicable to the Sabre.

I will say, however, that I wish the Sabre's upper A arms had been made more like the DRB's!! If only the Sabre's pickup points for the A arm were parallel to the line of travel, I'd be calling someone for dimensions to see if DRB A arms would fit my car. Oh well :-(