uses a GM 8247 alternator. Mounted to the block (lower driver side) with spacer. Note that you'll need to grind the alternator case to create clearance as its basically sandwhich right into the block with no space

Joel K


Here is s pic of how this alternator and bracket would look. When I spoke to paceperformance they said the ls3 crate motor comes with the corvette belt line so this combo fits perfectly. If you have a Camaro non ZL1 belt line it will only work if you change the balance and water pump. If you have your engine already you can look up the water pump part number on and you can see the various make-model fitments. Here is a pic of Roger’s engine, the alternator mounts to the bracket in the front and then also mounts directly to the block on the side. If you are interested let me know. Thanks...

Thanks I'll let know. I have a ls3 525 from pace it came with Camaro manifold &oil pan I had to switch out I do have a gm 8247 I might try first. Thanks again.

Steven Lobel

Alternator Part No.8301AN from Advanced. 160AMP Carquest for 2010 Silverado 1500LT

Mounted on an LS7 on lower driver's side. Uses washers/shims to mount, or can find/make the correct length spacer for your front dress.