Aluminium seat frames

Hi there guys

Has anyone made aluminium seat frames for GT40 and if so are you OK with sharing some pictures and dimensions so I'm not flying blind here.

many thanks

regards KevinB
That's what I'm after
Not sure about the practicalities of sending a pair to Australia but maybe if you could send me some dimensions I could get some made here.



Kirby Schrader

They're mostly silver
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Yes, I made some myself. If you search for my name and seats, you'll find the thread.
I copied them off of the Recaros in my Pantera.
No drawings... no measurements. Sorry.
Dennis Olthoff says he likes them. The car is at his shop now.

Hope that helps,
Kevin, I do, I took all of dims and angles from the Ford France original race car whilst it was at Lynxe Engineering 20 years ago.