AMLS at Lime Rock

I spent an enjoyable day yesterday attending the AMLS. Lots of accessable great tech, met some new friends, great food, just does not get any better, except for one thing. Out of maybe 8 jillion cars we found ONE GT-40. I think it was Eric's from New York, it's time for the New England boys to get the lead out and get some cars on the road.

Brian, I think that race is on Speed TV today at 12 noon. I love going to the track, but you can see more of the race on TV.
Yep, that was me. I wanted to connect with you guys,but I couldn't get a cell signal all day there. Usually service there is spotty,but...

I was surprised I was the only one there with a 40. Saw a bunch of GT's though, not to mention tons of Porsches,Lotus's ,Ferrari's including a two nice Dinos that Paolo would have loved :pepper: There was even a Pagani Zonda there.

I have to say the track alterations that were implemented recently have been done very well. The racing seemed to be closer, more exciting with more passing opportunities than the former configuration. They don't carry the same speed through the diving turn as they used to, but that's pretty much all that has been "nuetered" Lots of passing and action on Noname Straight as the leading Audi found out. This is a dynamite place to view the race as I believe this is Scott's camping spot as well.

Well, maybe there will be some more Gt40s there Vintage Weekend. I'll be there and I may camp as well.

Eric Johnson

It was nice to finally meet and chat!:thumbsup:


Your ride is real nice! To bad we didn't hook up, you could have parked under our tent and kept that baby nice and cool while enjoying some ribs and ice cold brews!

You would have easily recognized us as we all had TSC golf shirts on.

I eye witnessed all the off's back there yesterday too.

Robertson racing's Ford GT slammed the wall HARD right in front of my eyes! OUCH:stunned:

After the race was over I went down on the track with the pit bike and grabbed some wreckage as a souvenir.

LRP is an amazing place for sure.

Lets keep in touch to meet for the Fall Vintage Festival.

You too Brian!

Then three GT40's will be there:thumbsup: