And now for some entertainment

Larry L.

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...or one could do it the easy way; 'pick up the phone and have one of Ford's crate engines delivered to your door! :D :lipsrsealed:


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I’m not quite sure why Samir couldn’t muster a backhand or two between shifts. It could by chalked up to a “jimmy arm” a la George Costanza

Randy V

Those Trials riders have better balance on a bad day than I have ever had.....
I had a fellow working for me a number of years ago that was a Trials rider. He would hone his balance skills on a tight rope in his back yard. Not really high up like a daredevil might, but high enough to make him go back to the beginning or end and start over again.
He said that the walking was the easy part, but managing his load (two pails of water on a shoulder stick) while turning around was the real hat trick..
These guys and the X-Games contestants just amaze the heck out of me....