another GT40 nut from the Netherlands


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Hi all, I'm René from the Netherlands (also known as GTRene) and a big GT40 admirer.
I'm dated from 1963 which was also a good starting year for the GT40 in the sixties.

On the moment I also drive a V8 420hp car but not a GT40, its the one and only ever made worldwide, Hartge Z3 coupe 5.0 (Z47)
Its a real genuine Hartge one off owned by Herbert Hartge himself as the first owner, this is that car what was shown on Hartge websites around the globe, thats the car I have.

here me behind the wheel

(The production of Hartge parts is carried out either in the form of small, exclusive series or industrial manufacturing by leading components suppliers. Herbert Hartge has been involved with cars since his youth. From 1969 to 1983, he was a successful racing driver at home and abroad, firstly in Formula V racing cars and then in touring cars, primarily BMWs, VWs and Fords)

After owning this car for 3 years its time to move on so I gonna sell it and hope to buy a GT40 to replace it (I only have money and place for one car)
anyone interested can mail me its not cheap, but for a exclusive one off it is.

here a short video someone unknown made when they spotted me, I found it on the web :laugh: sounds good that V8 from the outside.

YouTube - z3 hartge

Anyway I'm here to seek info around GT40 cars and wich type me suits best.

I would like a rust free and if possible leak-free GT40, and occasional do a track-day with it.
it also have to have a reliable engine if possible.

So-far what I like is.

--CAV GT40 in LHD
--around 500hp and ZF (would love a 2kg to 1hp car)
--17inch wheels
--color like the 131 and 153 CAV (love the not drilled side windows and lenses solution on the 131)
--an updated model CAV so after serial-number 100 would be best I guess.
--must have air-con
--on a old registration which is best for the Dutch tax system and import-tax
--not a new to build car but second hand and a not to beat price ;-) (I'm not that rich and have to sell my beloved Hartge first)

So, now you all know a bit more about me and what I like, my English is not the best, also technical English is sometimes hard to understand/translate but I do my best.
I will follow the GT40 forum often and hope to learn more about the do's and don'ts in GT40 land.

thats about it :bulb:


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thanks David, indeed a overflow of tech stuff/know-how over here about special low volume non fat(weight) cars.
You have a Chevron B16? wow...those are very nice too, also love that Chevron B8
also nice to see they now made the GR8 under that famous name.