Another SL-C finished in Dallas

Well, almost finished. But it is registered and titled.

Thanks to Cam in Dallas. I wanted to build one of these ever since I ran across his build thread here, then it sealed the deal when I saw his car in person at Cars & Coffee and he took me for a ride. wow. Thanks also to Fran and the team for making a great product, Craig and Frank for their help, Alan for his YouTube videos, Will and the others for the wiki. It's very helpful to have people willing to share their knowledge.

A few details: LS3 525 hp, Mendeola SDR-5 transaxle, race tail, cf front fender vents, track ball joints, hippo mirrors, lexan windshield, 2 piece side windows. Primarily a track car so minimal interior finish.

I built a FFR Cobra track car so I'm used to driving a simple car with abundant power, but this takes it to another level. Can't wait to get it on the track.


SL-C 09-15-18 b.jpg
Beautiful. I love the race tail. I just moved to Fort Worth and will be going back to Florida at Christmas to trailer my SL-C back to try to get it finished. Have seen there are a few in the DFW area and look forward to meeting some of the local owners.
Welcome to D/FW. The local guys get together from time to time. I'll reach out next time we do.
Would love to see your car when you get it up here.
Look forward to it. I have a thread that is almost up to date on my build. Was back in Florida this weekend but didn't have any time to work on it which is really frustrating. Will most likely register it here so will be good to talk to you so I can be sure to get it done right.
Congrats John!! I too built primarily a track car. I am in Houston and track my car fairly frequently. Would love to do a track weekend together sometime. I have close to 6000 track miles (and about 200 street miles) on the car and have suffered some serious failures that I have posted on this forum but here is my short list of things that need to be addressed :
1) Replace stock ball joints with spherical joints provided by RCR (we had a ball joint shear on track, not cool)
2) Replace the provided hub bearings with Timken units< especially the rears. I have gone through 6 hubs (2 fronts , 4 rears). One hub sheared on track in a corner.. again not cool. A better fix is to do what we did and step up to the C7 bearing. I had a new upright made for the rears to allow using the bigger bearing. A bit of a hassle but you can sleep at night.
3). support the top of the reciprocating member that connects the pushrod from the rear lower control arm to the spring/shock assembly. I did it on one side and not on the other (lazy) and the unsupported side failed on track. Yet again, uncool!
4) Regularly check your axle/cv to hub/ dif flange bolts as they are known to back out.

pm me and I can give you other tidbits if you like.