Any body seen the movie Le Mans 66?

Mike Pass

Saw it at the IMAX in Bradford with my grandson who is a GT40 enthusiast. Not in any way an attempt at a documentary. However nice to see Ken Miles getting some recognition even if Eric Broadley doesn’t even seem to exist. But with a refreshing absence of CGI it is an entertaining film and is worth seeing.
I hope you are well enough to go and see for yourself.

Dave Bilyk

Dave Bilyk
Haven't seen it myself yet, but I found an excellent documentary on Netflix, called the 24 Hour War which I think is essential watching. It covers the whole story and has plenty of period footage and interviews.


Missing a few cylinders
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David lots of us have seen it here in the US, but it has a different title: "Ford vs Ferrari". There are 3-4 different threads discussing it in this forum. Most everyone on this side of the pond seems to have enjoyed it, and yes, Christian Bale playing Ken Miles is the true star of the show and Leo Beebe is the sleazy villain. Matt Damon playing Carroll Shelby comes across as a peacemaker who is trying to hold all the factions together.


Excellent film, go see it without and form of pedant hat on and enjoy it for what it is.....a great film filled with GT40’s and Cobras.
Too many people getting hung up on the minutiae of thing that “aren’t right” it’s not a documentary it’s just a bloody good watch.

Charlie Farley

Hello David, thoroughly enjoyed it, as the Hollywood yarn it is. I could write a book about the omissions and inaccuracies, we've even got a Superformance with the 12V charging socket on the dashboard... but that is hardly the point. I too saw it in an IMAX. The scene where Shelby takes control of landing a plane, arriving at a Mustang press launch, shook the floor..

I hope your health has improved, you deserve a break.

David, well worth the effort in my opinion and a good few laughs to boot. David, please PM me, as i'd like to renew our acquaintance.

David Morton

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I was lucky enough to be invited to the Bel Aire country club for lunch with a guy called John Daley - quite a famous film and boxing promoter. My mate in Bel Aire worked for John and cautioned me that Carrol Shelby usually hung out at the bar but I was in no way allowed to talk to him as he was considered PNG in the country club. Just a small snippet.
I finally went to see it yesterday. Although riddled with inaccuracies, when they got to LeMans it was so worth it. Hearing the voice of Jim McKay really brought me back.
There were two things from Daytona that Inoted. In a pit scene there seems to be John Holman and on the bulkhead behind Miles' head there's a Holman and Moody "Competition Proven" builder's plate