Any SLCs in Florida?

I'll be in Jacksonville and Tampa over the next 6 days. Mine is getting delivared to Utah, but I won't see it till Sept. I would love to see one in person.
You are welcome to come by here anytime James.
Call me: 321-725-5431 (home). I'm on the East coast, about 3.5 hrs from Tampa.
Damian, would like to meet you too!
I'd love to go there to see it,, but it's a long drive, and I head back overseas on Wednesday, but I might take you up on it when I'm back here in April.
James, just give a call. Wayne has one in Jupiter, FL too. His has street tail and mine is race tail. Both still underway..
If you are in PBG it would be hard to get closer than Jupiter. Whereabouts in Palm Beach Gardens are you? Before moving to Georgia we lived on Holly Dr in the Northlake blvd area. Also went to Jupiter High School back in the 80's.
You know what Molleur I thoink I might take you up on that invite soon but only if you let me help you wrench on something :thumbsup:
TimB, 100 miles North of PBG in Palm Bay.
Damian, invite is still open, anytime.
Off to Daytona now....(90 miles North of me).