Anyone got 18/19" wheels?


Hi, just wondering if anyone is running a 18 or 19" wheel on their GT40, if yes, could you please post up a picture of your car?



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1*s don't look bad on MkIIs but look awful on MkIs IMO. G why do you keep wanting to bastardize a nostalgic car by making it look modern? Why don't you build an SLC or an Ultima? You're really barking up the wrong tree with a GT40.


Last time I heard about barking up the wrong tree was by my Gf's parents in regards to her. Well now I am married to her :laugh:

I seen Tom's RCR build with the 17s and that car looks hot. I have also seen somebodies grey CAV that used some sort of black filler to hide the rivet/screws in the side windows etc to make it look modern, and that car was one of the best looking 40s I have ever seen. The GT runs big wheels and it looks great, the 40 looks no different. It is a 60s car but the way it was designed seems to suit both wheel options. It looks like a 60s car with 15s but it also looks like an exotic with 17+. I never seen a car work with both size wheels but this one does.

Was just curious. I think 17" looks more than big enough, but was curious about 18/19 as there are better tyre choices in that range, thats all.
Hi George
I hope it is my CAV you are talking about!:uneasy: When I started my build I wanted a car that kept the nostalgics of the original GT40 but had some modern finishes. That is why I bonded all my windows, installed modern mirrors, modern stearing wheel, made the instrument faces white and put some chrome finishes to the car. I always said that it must never look like a "kit car" and I think I kinda suceeded in doing that. I will not go bigger than 17" though...but if you do, then go chrome with spinners!:laugh:



Thats the car Johan! It is your car that inspired me to make the 40 look exotic. I still think the other wheels you had worked better. There is nothing yellow on your car except these new wheels, kinda odd. What size wheels/tires you running rear/front? 17x? If I do go 18 or 19 I will make sure to get the nice flat chrome dishes that have plenty BLING. :lol:
Troy, thanks for the name.
George, I would hesitate before going down the oversized wheel route on a 40. I have 19 inch rims on an S Class Merc and the ride is harsh, with the very tight suspension of the 40 already making the ride stiff and bumpy the only things preventing your spine cracking is the higher profile tyres on the smaller rims (mine are 15inch). Take that away and I hope your medical insurance is up to date.


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It's already been said several times but if you want the looks and handling of a modern supercar buy a Tits GT. Has everything you want and will actually appreciate over time. Trying to make a GT40 into something akin to a GT will result in an ugly red headed step child of a car and won't be worth a quarter of what you're going to spend building it. Carry on George.
Will you be buying your car soon? You will most likely change your mind once you get the car so this is all a waste of time. Perhaps budget for both wheel sizes and in the end you can sell off the other set. In the meantime, I'd be expending most of my energy towards making more money and putting everything in place so you can buy your car asap.

I have a full set of wheels and tires, both 15 and 17's. The 17" rears have been widened to 12" and I plan to do the same with the rear 15's next. So far, I prefer the look of the 15's better, but I'll have the 17's around in case I change my mind or if the availability of 15" Avon tires dwindles.

Consider that a larger wheel is usually heavier overall and that weight will most likely be concentrated further out. This will require more energy to spin the wheel up and more braking force to slow it and the car down. Besides, a light car with heavy wheels just doesn't make sense (unspring vs sprung weight).


Thank you Michael for the financial advise, it is a consideration if the car was to be sold. The only thing I do not like about the GT is the 1500kg of weight vs the 1000kg of the 40. The 40 would need far less HP to achieve same fun factor, which in the end results in better fuel mileage (not that this matters) and cheaper maintenence and longer life. This is why I do like the 40, + the 40 is smaller and more go-kart like which is what I desire. Perhaps the best answer is get what a replica company makes and be done with it, which, depending on what happens down here, may be the way it turns out in the end. Either way I will have a GT40, modern supercar or not. At least it will be a rocket on the road if anything with minimal power of that of a much heavier car.

Thanks Troy for the picture. A side angle would help more!

Chris, thanks for that :laugh:. Seems the 18" wheels troy posted look too big on the GT40. The 17s seem to fit a lot better for that profile of car.

Thanks Loyd, looks good.

CobraJet - That makes sense. I am going to have forged wheels that weigh in under 16lbs each, looking at Tire-Rack, the 2 Tires I was looking at was the Michelin PS2 Pilots, 335/35/ZR17s, and the Pilot Super Sports which apparantely at the limit do not squeal like the PS2s and thus work even better, but they are 345/30ZR19s. There is nothing larger than 245 on the better 'super sport' tires. Also if I was ever to run a slick, the 19s again have the Michelin Cup Tires 345/30/19s which is identical to that of the Super Sports. Yes 19" means more weight, but the wheel being a magnesium forged wheel, I cant imagine 2" more adding much weight at all and yet the tire from a PS2-Super Sport may end up more of an improvement than a Hinderence. However if the car looks shocking with wheels that large, then we gotta hope Michelin produce a 335 SUper sport on their 17s, which I highly doubt would happen.

Thanks for all the thoughts though everyone. Will keep in mind.
OK, what can we help you with next?

Steering wheel size and shape, or monster brakes, drilled or slotted? :undecided:



Thanks. 18s seem to look a little too large up front, not bad in the rear though.Very nice blue you got there Ali.

Seems 19" will look out of whack.

Tom - I already know what steering wheel I want, a circle one! Brakes, I would say 12" would be enough for such a light car? Drilled and all that stuff, I dont know, whatever works better for longer under serious use but that can be dealt with once I got the car and the wheels.
Hi George,
Have you decided what kit to go with? I think you need to get a good idea of what you want and who can accommodate your build. I see earlier in this thread you said a max weight of 850kg. I think that may be a challenge in itself. If it is going to be a track only car fair enough, but if you want a street car things like airconditioning, insulation (for sound and heat), or say a stereo will blow away that weight limit you want.
Just my 2c worth.
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I see some folks talking about staying original. Others about how 19" looks too big.

Well, looking back at an original GT40 the sizes were:

F: 245/60/15 = 26.57" tall
R: 325/60/15 = 28.92" tall

Now, that is an approximation as tires standardized a bit differently since then, but it's pretty close.

Most of the folks I see here are using a tire that is MUCH smaller than the 28.92" height on the original.

I'm actually thinking about 20" wheels on mine. 335/30/20 on the rear (mine is a Gulf version...wider rear). The overall height of that tire is only 28", and it is then less than that of the original by almost an inch.

To me, what looks odd on a high performance car of today (yes, these are replicas of old cars, but they are build today) is a very high profile tire. Give me a low profile one with a light weight wheel for looks and performance any day.