Anyone interested in a LSD for the UN5?

I know a couple of guys were going to use the stronger UN5 gearbox with the Albins final drive in their builds last time I was on, don't know if you actually went through with it but I've been sourcing a custom plate diff for ours, Gripper think they can adapt their UN1 diff but want to know how much interest there would be in putting it into production.

So, anyone want one? :)
What kind of LSD is being considered? Also being a transaxle the UN hasn't the best reputation for oil compatibility with its syncro and crownwheel wear issues. Some LSDs require their own specific oils which adds to the oiling question.

I got a price around GPB680 plus postage to oz for the torsen from UK. What price would yours be?
Hopefully similar money, but it would be a true limited slip diff - plate type, (with a selection of ramp angles/plate interleave and preload levels available for your specific use) rather than a torsen/quaiffe type.
As for oil, either Total BV 75w-80, or Millers CRX NT are both well proven in gearboxes with sensitive syncromesh, both are compatible with the Gripper LSD, we use the latter anyway.
It'll probably be based on their UN1 LSD internals so that service parts are shared so you don't get a shock if you ever want new plates, etc.
Please Pm me when you get some firm numbers on the unit, I would be very interested in one seeing how Mine is now in pieces on my work bench it would be the right time to put one in.
Just an update for the interested parties, this hasn't died, just with the weather before/over Christmas, holidays and the Autosport show it got put on the back burner a bit.
However, it does look like the UN1 unit they already offer can be altered with minimal machining to fit, should know sometime this month.
Confirmation at last, the UN1 gripper LSD can be adapted for the UN5 with a little machining, so if any of you guys want one for the UN5 units, then give Tom @ Gripper a ring and he can sort you out :D
Just need to sort him some pennies out for delivery of ours now :D

-While I'm here, does anyone know of any firms offering gearsets for the UN5 units without shipping them over from Albins? I'm after a shorter 3rd and 4th set.
Rather dead thread, but if anyone wants a cheaper option, then Elite are offering a LSD for the UN1 that can also be adopted to fit the UN5 as well - I'm just having one sorted for our UN5 atm, about the same price as a Quaife.