Are you still "Double Clutching"


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Over a beer with some friends last night we had a spirited discussion as to whether double clutching is necessary for racecraft heel and toe down shifts. The schools of thought ranged from:
1. You don't need to do it with a synchromesh transmission, only a proper blip of the gas when the shifter moves through neutral.
2. It's necessary as it accelerates the clutch and eases the shock and wear to the drive-line , especially with a stock transmission.
3. With a good race transmission, you don't need the clutch at all, just match the revs when you downshift.

Any opinions?

Bill Kearley

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Orrrrrrr. Take parts from an Eaton autoshift 18 speed, or an F1 car. Input rpm sensor, Output rpm sensor, One X motor, One Y motor, electronic throttle control and a computer. Then push a button as desired. No syncros necessary. sit back and have another non alcoholic beer.
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I had once and sold not long ago after a very long restoration, a Model A Ford Phaeton, in that without double clutching you simply had a box of neutrals :)
Not to mention centre throttle, "If in doubt both feet out"
Only caught me off guard once when I was pounding the clutch seeing me life flash in front of me eyes....Rod operated brakes were not a lot better on the right pedal, happy days driving it though, like I am sure the 40 when I finish mine, its not a case of slipping in and popping off for a spin (pardon the pun) but "going" for a drive...
My uncle ages ago had a Ferrari Dino 246, you knew it was going to be a "drive" when he slipped his racing gloves on....The young of today would not understand, unless we teach them!!!