Audi 013

Is there such a thing? I did a search here and on Google but didn't find much. The transaxle is for sale locally and has WWO 013301231 stamped on it. Does anyone happen to know what car this is from and how it compares to the 016??


Thank you in advance to anyone that can assist.


If you can go back, have a look at the bottom of the main casing around the fins and see if there is a cast number at all. I beleive the WWO is the variant type of the gearbox. My 01X has the FYA stamped in the top with a load of numbers. The actual gearbox code will be cast somewhere on the various casings.

There are several places on the case that have casting numbers and the first ones should be the model like 016xxxxx or 012xxxxx, these are cast into the housing and are raised. There are other numbers stamped into the top of the bellhousing, these usually are the rev of the trans that tells the ratios. usuall in a format of 2 or 3 alpha/numerics and a series of about 6 or 7 numbers, like (5N 143876). The pics are too small to be able to see much from them. I hope you found a good one.
Thank you gents, much appreciated. As you suggest, I'll go back and try to gather some more data from the transaxle/seller - might be able to pinpoint things a little more precisely.
Cliff I have two of them and thats what I am using in my Mclaren M8B, not that this is any reason to make them better. One came from an Audi GT of around the 86 mark and the other from a wrecker. The main difference I am told is the obvious alloy case versus steel and the gear set is just a little narrower on one of the sets having seen both 016 and 013 stripped side by side. The basis details and dimensions are `identical` except the gear shift positions. To that end I will run my 013`s and replace with an 016 if I get trouble. I do not intend to thrash this car so fingers crossed. I do have an Audi 100/200 manual that says the 013 came in the 2 litre set ups from 1982 to 1990. It lists 3 versions 3T, HE and HF. I will look at mine on Friday and see what letters are stamped. I dont expect any issues.
Come back if you need any more info.