Audi 016 vs. 093


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I have been an observer on this forum for the last two years and am now in a position to start my GT40 bulld. I have not made a decision yet as to the type of kit, however, I have decided on the engine (I have a 1965 289HO block and 347 stroker components)and I am looking for an Audi Transaxle. I have searched all the posts here but I can not find the difference between the 093 and the prefered 016 transaxle.
I have found what appears to be a 1983 Audi 5000 5cyl car that has a 093 transaxle with a 3Q ratio, This seems to be a good wide ratio, But is it the same strength as a 016 transaxle.
Am I headed in the right direction or should I pass on the 093.

Robert Logan

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The Audi gearbox that is used by all of the main manufacturers is the OI6 which has a SIDE GEAR CHANGE and not one at the rear. The rear change would stick out the back and is also very hard to get good feel.

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Thank you for your reply Robert.
This transaxle has the shifter on top of the transaxle pointing toward the left.
The Audi 093, 012, and 013 transaxles all appear quite similar. Judging by the detail parts illustrations, the 016 looks to be more robust when compared to them. The transaxle rebuilders I've spoken with suggest that the 016 is the stronger unit. Does anyone know if LSD (other than the Phantom Grip) is available for the 016?

Quaife makes a LSD for the 016.

I've been meaning to call them to see if they offer an LSD for the 01E transmission, which comes from the factory fitted with a Torsen, and which I've heard may be one of the first things to break in an 01E.

I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama. Is that large cross still up on Mount Sano? Did I misspell Sano?

As for the Audi 016, there's a lot of info on the forum by doing a search. The 016 has different letters attached to it and the most popular and dependable one is the 016/5N.

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Yes John, the cross is still here on Monte Sano. It is less than a five minute walk from my home. I am still on the hunt for a 016 transaxle but I am closing in on one.
Thanks, Keith