Audi Quattro AWD

Well, this seemed like a forum with like minded builders so I am giving it a shot. I do not want to build or restore a GT40 but rather build an AWD street racer, probably Audi Quattro based. At least 3.0 V6 or possibly the 4.0 twin turbo V8. I have been Goggling and it seems feasible. Maybe with an AC Cobra shell or something like that. I live in the Seattle area so want a real body that is essentially water-proof and could be driven on an extended trip, no Can Am cars or sports racers with wings etc. Any and all (polite) ideas are welcome. Do you folks have a monthly meeting in Seattle or something like that?


The quattro drivetrain mounts the engine significantly forward of the front axle, which would make engine placement in another chassis very difficult, not to mention the handling drawbacks of having the engine overhang the front axle by more than 2 feet.
I did not realize the Audi placed the engine sooo far forward. This to a large extent defeats the advantage of AWD and the desired weight distribution don't you think?

So SAAB possibly addressed that with their backwards engine/trans arrangement I suppose. I used to have a SAAB 99 but of course it was FWD only. GREAT car in the snow!

I did notice the forward stance of the Audi engine placement but thought that by shortening the driveline maybe could it could be compensated. Probably not since the engine/trans seems to be a unit assembly attached to the front crossmember which also supports the front suspension components. Yipes. Can of worms!

Maybe just a simple RWD approach. See next post
I was thinking using a Saturn V6 engine for a north/south car with RWD. I have a NA Saturn VUE Redline SUV and it pulls strong in this fairly heavy car. About 270 HP I think. Problem is that it seems the V6 only was available in auto trans versions, no manual gearbox available except for the 4 cyl versions as far as I can tell. I think I once found a web site that offered a T-5 manual conversion but cannot find it. Ideas?

PS - I think the Saturn V6 was available as a twin turbo in a Lincoln or Cadillac model at one time. Around 400 HP I believe. Don't quote me.
Why not go for an Audi S6 with the V10 engine. Loads of power, very easy to tune to get way more ( atleast in Holland very easy to tune ) and all wheel drive. All the components to build a wicked car.

Howard Jones

How about a used awd Subaru. All kinds of aftermarket stuff. I would think you could buy a used rally car on the cheap and that way you get all the roll cage and chassis modifications done for you. Maybe even a good brake setup on the car. Then go through it and make it your way.

I have thought about this a bit and a car that was still registered but converted to a rally car would be the way to go.

How about a two seat, sub 3000 pound, 400HP AWD lowered and on a nice big wheel and tire package with good brakes. I would think a older car done this way could be very well built for quite a bit less that $40-50K and be a street rocket.

Example: after a 5 min google search
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Guys guys, guys, think cheap. I am not doing a $50K car but more like a $5K car! Please get real here. I am thinking more like Lotus 7 rather than V10 or even V8 I also do not want a workover of a stock chassis. I am from a roadracer background. Cheap, small, fast. :)