Australi day.

Doug S.

The protoplasm may be 70, but the spirit is 32!
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I'll second that, Pete!!!!

Cheers to Australia, and to all our members from there.


Pete McCluskey.

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Thanks , and thanks for ignoring I left the A off Australia in the heading, apparently you can edit text but not headings.
A very Happy Australia day to you also.

We have family in Brisbane (Brighton), and my wife has been over for her annual visit for the last six weeks. I picked her up from London Heathrow airport yesterday morning, and what a shock the drop in temperature was to her this time.

You have had it really very hot there this time, and she was telling me how you were all saying how bad it was, and how relieved people were when it dropped to 27 degrees at night on New Years Eve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I spent my Aussie Day at Phillip Island for a couple years in a row racing the International Challenge.

Really good show, really great place.
I laugh because South East Australia looks more like California than California to me.