Australia Burning

Thanks Ian, it’s crazy down here at the moment. The fires have been burning for a few months now and we can’t seem to get them under control. Everything everywhere in every state is very dry. I was up in northern New South Wales in late September and it was dry and burning then. We drove back to Melbourne and are down tripping around Tasmania at the moment. It’s dry down here as well. There was a small fire out the back of Hobart this morning that they managed to get under control.

navy ships have been deployed to evacuate people that are stranded on the east coast of the main land.

Ian Anderson

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Keep safe Ryan.

this reminds me of years in Rhodesia / Zimbabwe where controlled burns and firebreaks were put in by commercial farmers to stop the huge fires that could sweep through.

No doubt it is politics that say the firebreaks should not be maintained, but see what happens when you listennto politicians who know nothing of land and foliage preservation.

Old saying from Africa was that it would only burn once so a controlled burn would stop a bushfire.

We’ve been like this for months and all our smoke and fallout has drifted to New Zealand which I suspect they’ll be bottling it to sell back to us as souvenirs ;-)
Our whole country is in severe drought conditions and the consequences of that will be felt for a fare few years to come


Terrible to read and watch such news !!!!! :(:(
Problem is ; as usual there in europ far form all those hard condition people do not undertsand what is happening !!!!
On TV journalist are just concerned with a 30 second information and prefer to relate the stupid fight in beetween politicians !!!!!!
A whole country ( Australia ) is loosing all his Nature tresors , those poor Koalas , all these people leaving burning house and very few concerned people ( Politics or very rich millionaires) there on the other side of the world propose any help or solid country contribution!!!!
Australia burning , Amazon burning ..... something to think about ????????

All thoughts for you Aussies mates !!!!!
Bon courage !!!!
Arrived back in Melbourne Sunday morning via boat from Tasmania.

Drove from Hobart up through the midlands of Tasmania to board the Ferry. Noticeable smoke haze and smell in the air. Ran the AC in the car on recirculation the whole way.

Even now, I’m sitting in an office on the 16th floor in the center of Melbourne CBD and visibility is down to maybe 2km, i.e. I can see along the railway tracks from Southern Cross Station towards North Melbourne but not much further. Very Hazy. There was a band of rain go through yesterday which looks like it might get close to where the fires are today. The fires on the east coast of Victoria and the Alpine national park are a few hundred km away (approximately 500km, 310 miles) from Melbourne. Don’t think this rain will make it up to New South Wales though.

Regards Ryan

Hope to read soon from our Aussie mates more good news !!!!
Je suis de toutes mes pensées avec vous danss ces moments difficiles !!!!!
Bon courage.................
Can't stop to watch those terrific images on tv ; so many burn houses , so many people out of town and villages , this moring terrible sight of this pooor lttle kangoo givin his front legs to a lady for some water !!!!!!!!!!!!
Australia map with fires all around is something unbeleavable .......
Thanks Randy !!!
Was still watching minutes ago another so sad story ; some nice chap professionnal photographer telling about what he experienced ; fire was roaring like storm and coming at tremendous speed burning in seconds all his place ; evreything camera was showing is melt !! burn !!! Tremendous !!!!!
There is raining slowly since a week ...... if god could listen me and send some to you mates ..... will be my new year wish to help your country:rolleyes:

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I had the joy of living in Australia for five years, and I visit every other year or so. So very sorry to see the horrible fires there. All the best to those of you in Australia!
Weather conditions are predicted to worsen tonight and tomorrow with an increase in temperature and winds. Melbourne was smoky on Monday but seems clearer today. Sydney seems to have all the smoke in the last couple of days, so it could swing back around again.

there was an image floating around the other day from the NASA radar that showed where the fires were. I am not sure how to work the software though.