Australian Compliant Seatbelts

Hello to Australian Constructors,

I’m having trouble finding suitable Australian compliant seatbelts for my DRB, although I assume the problem applies to all GT40s here.

The ones I have require mounting vertically, which makes them stick out from the bulkhead way too far and look ridiculous. Securon 264 are suggested, as they have adjustable angle fitting and will lay flat on the bulkhead, however, they don’t have Australian compliance. Klippan don’t seem to offer a suitable alternative either. I’m not wanting to use harnesses at this stage.

What are you using in your cars, please? An installed photo would be nice too, if possible.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Stay safe,

The Securon 264 is a universal rear auto retracting seat belt. The front equivalent is the 500 series. The 500 series are AS/NZS 2596 and EU regulation R16 E so I would have thought the rear 264 would be too...
Thanks, Mike.
The Securon site doesn't list AS / NZ standards and I was advised they don't comply, but I have just found some indications of compliance on other sites. Go figure.
After writing them off I will now look in to that further.


Hi Lance
I ended up cutting the angled bracket out and welding in a vertical plate to suit the Klippan units.
Not sure if your chassis will accept that change.


Great idea Clayton. Unfortunately, too late for me to do without taking half the car apart.

Still looking for compliant seatbelts.
Hi Lance
Think I can help you.
Have a look at the seat belt in the rear seat of a commodore wagon around 2000 to 2009 ish. The seat lays back at about the same angle as the DRB mounts, I fitted these to my DRB then just had to buy some longer stalks for them to click into.
Hope this helps.

there is normally a sticker on the side of the re-tractor cover that will have a 6 digit number. this is the degrees rotation from the x,y,z axis plane. ie 051020 would be 5 degrees fro parallel to x axis, 10 degrees from parallel to y axis and 20 degrees from parallel to z axis. with the re-tractor in this orientation, the locking ball will be resting within the cup inside the re-tractor which will then allow the locking cam/pawl to disengage from the re tractor and allow it to release. The is mechanism is on one side of the re-tractor.

You will also need to ensure that you have a non pyrotechnic re-tractor and a non load limiting one as well, as these are designed to work with airbags. the pyrotechnic bit is the pre tension-er that pulls the belt tight when the the system detects a crash, and the load limiter allows the restrained mass to slowly extend into the inflated airbag. From this perspective, a rear seat belt out of an earlier vehicle is normally the correct device.

klipan seem to have changed names.
Sorry about the delay and thanks. Looking in to both suggestions.

Anyone else in Oz able to advise which seatbelts they used?


Hi Lance
just joined the forum. I'm in Sydney & DRB GT40 builder
the DRB build manual states using Klippen P/N K7646 are these not suitable? I need to source a pair also

Hi Mike,
My pleasure, do you have a link or info where the information is please.
Not sure why Lance's is having issues, my chassis was the second last made & has a recess for the belt reel & all the mounting points threaded.
DRB also supplied as part of the chassis a fiberglass cover panel
Although my chassis did not come with the 4/5 harness mount points as fitted to the earlier models I've seen.

worth having a look through the other options on the web site. they do a few different colors of webbing as well.
if you look under Defense there are harnesses, some of which are retractable. I think they also have (or used to have) different options in terms of which way the straps pull to tighten the harness. Ie you can get it so that you can pull up or pull down or a mix of two, say pull down on the shoulder and up on the rest to tighten.