Avon stops production.

But the Mk II still says 215.50/15.....
Actually in the "Owner's Manual" it says 225/50/15, but orally I was told by Superformance/Hillbank that 225s won't work (they were rather emphatic, as I recall, re body damage). The Owner's Manual is generally not the best, to put it mildly. I thank everyone who has replied to my inquiries, but I think the bottom line is that unless you want to experiment with different makes front/rear (and people will then say "never mix makes"), go to different wheels etc., your choice is the Avons or BF Goodriches.

/s/ Chris Kennedy

Alan Lofurno

I called Sasco last week (US East coast distributor) and they confirmed all that is being discussed on the forum. I was surprised to hear that they had my tires in stock. I run CR6ZZ’s 295/50/15 and 215/60/15. I jumped on it and ordered a set immediately. And for the record they were 23% more than the last time I bought about 12 months ago!
For those of us building and crystal ball gazing, it makes it hard to commit to a particular wheel package at this point in time. I do hope some good news comes up soon.

Ron Earp

Might have to consider alternatives. Hoosier certainly offers a large number of race tires that I've used for nearly twenty years. The still make some of the smaller wheels sizes as far as I know.
So Cooper bought Avon, then Goodyear then bought Cooper and now Goodyear doesn't want to use the Avon factory to make any more tires?

I hope they get a good tax right-off for the factory closure.