Awsome Build Video Series - 80 Episodes

Not sure if this is the best place to post, but I’ve been watching Fastthings GTM Build video series on YouTube over the last few weeks and thought it was great. He started work on this car about 6 years ago.

It shows how much real work needs to be put into a very high standard kit car build with all the emotional ups and downs that can occur. Even though this is not a GT40 or Superlite, the Build is really something to watch unfold. Especially for a beginner like myself.

Here is a link to the first episode:
I downloaded all 80 episodes and loaded them on my iPad, watched them on a series of plane trips over June and July. Definitely a series worth watching if you want to build a kit car. I've restored a few, but not taken on a kit yet, and it really opened my eyes about what is involved.

My big take aways were how awesome you can make a kit car if you put in the effort, and how much body work the GTM requires to be watertight, much less look great. Personally I prefer the look of the GTM to most other kit cars, but I'm not sure I have the skills to make it look good, so I'm saving up for something else.