Back to the future...………..GTP-13


JWAE tested the GT40, Porsche 917, Mirage M4, and the Ford P68 3L in the MIRA wind tunnel. The results for the 3L were interesting: 15.66 sq foot frontal area, 0.334 drag coefficient @ 0 degrees yaw angle, 17 lbs lift on the front, 210 lbs downforce at the rear. The GTP13 builders modified the 3L body a bit so these figures are not exactly applicable. The dramatic introduction was over the top; but Verdi in the home town of Mozart??

Nice build, though.

Howard Jones

Thank you, Leopold yours is my favorite self constructed car ever. Please keep us updated from time to time. This is kind of like watching a gifted child grown up and mature. Just a wonderful thing to see from time to time. I love the "Made in Austria" Thanks again for the update and I am looking forward to more current pictures.

On another note, has anybody inquired into a second customer car? Or have you decided not to do that. Just wondering as I think I see a second set of wheels in your garage pictures..
Many thanks, Howard, for your very kind words.
I will make and post some more pictures of the GTP-13 on the road as soon as I get a chance.

Fabricating the wheels with the quality they exhibit requires quite some fixturing and setup effort. So it made sense to fabricate a second set (this applies to some other parts as well).

There were inquiries about the GTP-13, but they were before it became road legal. Now things have a different perspective.
We'd look forward to produce the car for a potentional customer. However, (as an analogon to the Ford P68) there will be 3 cars produced at most and we're not looking to produce it as a kit.