Barett Jackson just sold a 2011 SL-C - anyone here?

This car has a very expensive engine and interior. Would be interesting to hear why the guy was selling right after buying it at auction.
Hell of a car for the money.
Fairly well documented build on this site, so the quality is there for anyone to see.
Seems like he got that car for about half price.
I noticed the auctioneer was spending some time trying to educate on/or trying to push the car. Over the announcers I believe I heard "Car has 7 miles on it". Interesting that BJ felt the car was under valued and was encouraging the crowd, seems they do that when they feel the lot number is not pulling the right bids. The announcers were positive with their comments pointing out the general performance level advantage over the previous days GTM offerings. saying something like "The GTM is styled to look race like, this is a race car with turn signals".
Stage7 completed the car in 2015, sold it jan 2018 at BJ with "200 actual miles" and the current seller owned it a year and sold it with "7 actual miles". Now that would make perfect sense it it were a Delorean...

Anyone have a link of the video when it ran through? I was watching on proxibid but unfortunately you can't see the live stream or hear the auctioneer on the mobile version. I believe all the bids were online bidders so that could have been a factor.
I was at barrett jackson last weekend. Cars are sold with no reserve. Saw that SLC in this thread that went for 80k. It was shocking how little people paid for some cars. I saw a frame off restoration 1970 Mustang Mach 1 go for 22k.
Most of the big auction companies allow sellers to establish a minimum, a reserve, which gives the seller some control over selling their vehicle. Barrett had more than 1800 cars for sale at Scottsdale and only three very expensive cars had a reserve. Generally, replica and or kit cars don't do very well for the seller. I live in the Phoenix area and I would not sell my car at no reserve.
From what I've seen you'd have to be pretty desperate or ignorant to sell your car at an auction - they seem to fetch dick all. I've been offered as much as 150 for mine.
My opinion is it would need to be a pretty nice build with good documentation of the electrical to fetch $150k when most are selling for less than. $100k.
My opinion is it would need to be a pretty nice build with good documentation of the electrical to fetch $150k when most are selling for less than. $100k.
pro-tip: don't try to sell it to a bunch of internet or auction mouth-breaders who know to try to knock you down to $0

the market has conditioned the typical buyer to expect fire sale prices for any type of component car.
My Porsche was 138 new. Today it is worth 80. Cars depreciate. So does a SLC. The car at BJ was low, but I get it. My SLC is in final stages. If any of those guys who offered you 150 still want a car... just let me know!
What the hell, I think I’d be willing to let mine go for 150k USD. Full interior, tons of sound and heat blocker, and a shifter that doesn’t make you pucker up every time you let go of the clutch. Hook it up Alex!
ok, remember that Alex is in Canada, so with the exchange rate, that's more like $112k.
Which in my mind is a nice number for a SL-C.

And 'been offered' is a bit different than cash changing hands.

The first time I had my car on the road I was at a truck stop that had a certified weight scale (necessary paperwork in Texas). I overheard two guys arguing if it was a $200k car, or a $500k car. I told them it wasn't for sale, but I would take either of those numbers. :)
Tell me about it, I sold my last Lambo Gallardo 4 times. Last one finally came up with the $, and every accepted offer was lower than the other.

Howard Jones

Use it for a casket and dig your own hole with a rental back hoe. Have some friends over when the time comes for a party and fill it in after you are gone. A lot cheaper than a funeral.
I saw the cars come threw B. J. As well. Never sell a car there unless it’s a rare exotic. Or domestic car. You will be guaranteed to get 50 cents on the dollar if your lucky on your car. Now if your buyer. Bid away. Lots of great deals.
Well I kind of can't believe I missed this car again but truthfully I wasn't quite ready.

This particular car is my dream ride and I hope to buy it someday. If the new owner hops on here please shoot me a PM for future reference!

I did speak to Fran about it approximately a year back and it had some issues as I recall. Nothing out of the ordinary for a custom built car imo. The large one was that the fuel sending unit was broken and was going to require a full engine removal to fix if you ever wanted to know how much fuel you had.