This is Benjamin, and I will share my GT40 project !
I'm 23years old and I'm an engineering student. I'm passionate by machining, mechanical design and car. My dream is to own a GT40 !
My workshop is composed by lathe, numerical milling machine, CNC, 3d printer, and MMA/TIG (and basic tools of course).

This is my machining space when my Milling machine was in process for its retrofit, and my lathe before I install the DRO :


Now I will speak more about GT40 project.
My fisrt step was to found a base for mechanical part because I don't have a huge budget.
This base is an Audi A6 Avant 4.2l. I take the V8 engine with the electrical managment, brakes, and others mechanical parts. Gearbox is an Audi 012 5gears.

-Body MK1
-Chassis homemade tubular steel
-Arms homemade tubular steel
-Engine ARS V8 4.2l Audi
-Gearbox 5, Audi 012
-Brake Audi A6 C5 4.2
-Wheels 18" (235 and 285mm)

My goal is to design the car in 3D.
This is a final CAD :


This is a tubular chassis with aluminium sheets.

I bought my fiber body in France, it's a MK1 :


Currently, the chassis , front arms, steering, and rear arms are almost finished. But my second goal is to share this adventure on Youtube :


Thank you for your forum,

Regard, Benjamin
Hello Benjamin
You seems to have started a nice project ; and you are quite well set to achieve this with your well equiped workshop.....
I was so surprised you did not fire the big sheet of white paperdrawing giving you the template to tackweld those first tubes !!!!! LOL
Keep your good work going .... I will follow your built attentivly !!!
Be carefull on the second step when tack welding the second frame specially when doing perpandiculars because the chassis will start to be
steeffer and steeffer and no way to use any hammer to make it flat ( you need to use all your skill and brain to find" tricks" to have it flat always when introducing more and more tubes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck

Thank you.
This second video is to introduce the engine. I'm sorry that's not a Ford ($$$), but it's still a V8 of course :D

I used the photogrammetry to scan the engine. Thus, I can use the 3D in my CAD to design the chassis ;)

This the next video which speak about the design of the chassis in 3D :

I used my scan of the engine ;)

If you want more pictures, told me :D
I bought my fiber body in France, it's a MK1 :

I am currently looking for a body to start my own build along with my nephew. We have the access to everything but a complete body. Do you have the contact info for your supplier, and how much do they have. For example can they supply the trim, headlight assemblies and all glass?

My body was manufactured by Freddy of Bongarini in France (Bordeau). Great job!

I want to share the first pictures of my project.
It started with the Audi engine.



I replaced the automatic gearbox by the manual Audi 012 gearbox.


Next I did the CAD model, and early 2018 I started the making of my chassis.


I did the columns with my milling machine, to have a precise length ;) (180mm)



The second floor of the chassis is welded.


You can watch the video of the fabrication of these :

I realize that you already have your chassis laid out but just suggestion for future budding builders. I had folded a sheet metal center box section with a folded base to provide a central `tube` for the pipes and wiring along with a significant structural stiffness. This can be made to any section size you want and was a tidy solution.
Thank you for your comment,
I choose to replace this central tube to 4 parallel square tube for a better stiffness. We will see if it's gonna be fine...but I think it's ok and it will be a very strong chassis I guess.
Hi everyone !

My project is on going !
I have some problem of delay... I have purchased my windscreen and my shoks to Gtforte. But, after 1 months of shipment, nothing about my package... :(

May be the package is blocked at the border, Idk...

here is my next video :

bye ;)
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Very risky to order parts to GTforte !!! Specially after so many advises and bad stories about the way this man is working with customers !!!!
It was so much effective to do a quick cross channel to Portsmouth from Caen and just pick up your windsreen safely and surely from Southern Gt , having the opportunity to meet a very nice and helpfull gentlemen , Mike Sollis company owner

This is my last video below :

The steering wheel is installed !
Here some pictures with good quality ;)



My shocks from GTforte are arrived last month, looking good and installed on the front and rear arms, I'm very happy. But the windscreen still not here (problem on the first shipment, the screen was broken before going to France).
I'm currently adapting the body on the chassis, it will be hard... The car is on its wheels, yeah !!!

bye bye

Merci Paul ;) cool de voir des francophones ici :)