Best Gravity Feed Spray Guns

I need a new spray gun, and am looking for info on the best gravity feed guns, with interchangable tips.

Don't sweat it, I'm still getting the pros to do RF12, but I have an older HSV with a massive wing that needs to be returned to it's former (XU3 Yellah) glory!



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Old post, I know, but my two cents...

I agree, Sata is the top of the line. I recommend the LPH-400 for clear coat, lays down smooth as glass. You will have to be careful, this gun is designed to spray very quickly.

I currently use a DeVilbiss for my base coat, which I've ever had a problem with. I haven't gotten any trigger time out of that gun in the last 3 1/2 years, due to enlisting into the Air Force, but both of these brands are solid guns in my book.

For primer, I have a Mac Tools gun, which you don't have too be too picky with primer guns. The big selling point for me was the ergonomics, feels perfect in my hand.