Best time to visit Canada advice please

Hi, just looking for the best time to visit Canada next year, we were thinking of the last three weeks in Sept to avoid the crowds but our daughter has just returned from her honeymoon and the weather was a bit iffy. The other alternative is the end of May beginning of June. Think the intention is to visit Toronto Vancover Rocky Mountains. Any advice on weather and what we must see gratefully received

Jeff Young

GT40s Supporter
Whoa...Nick, that's a lot of travel. Toronto weather is generally good through end of September. The Canadian Rockies are to me spectacular year round, awesome in both summer and winter. Vancouver weather is like Seattle. A few months of awesome in the summer and then chilly but not cold and wet the rest of the year. Calgary is really hot in the summer if you are using that a jumping off point for the ROckies. Cool town though. Think Denver with a slight accent. I'd also highly recommend the other side of the country. The Maritimes in May June can get a bit chlly but the weather can be awesome too and Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are beautiful,epsecially St. John's.

Cliff Beer

In September things are starting to cool down in Vancouver and the Canadian'll need a jacket in the rockies. July and August are awesome - warm weather, not cold at night, longer days to see the amazing views and sunsets. A drive up to Whistler from Vancouver is very scenic and spectacular. Capilano Canyon is interesting to see but can get crowded. VRBO's downtown are nice and not too expensive. Granville Island is crowded but worth a look too. You'll have a great time.