Bonjour from France

Hello everyone,

I'm Benjamin and I'm 23 years old. I live in France, so that's why my English is not pretty got as well :rolleyes:
Currently, I'm studying in engineering school to be a mechanical designer engineer.
Since I'm young, I'm passionned by mechanics, car, machine etc... I started with radio controlled car, I made few personal models. But during my university studies, I discovered the world of the machine tool like lathe, milling machine, cnc etc... With my first job money, I bought a lathe and little milling machine and with there, I made my first CNC milling machine which cutted my 3D printer I designed. With these machines I made a 125cc kartcross, it was fun. And my last finished project was the retrofit of my new milling machine, a Deckel FP4NC !!!

Now, I want to use my workshop, I want to use my machines to make my dream real ! This dream is to own a GT40 !

I started my project in early 2017. I designed my 3D model during 10 months and I have looked several pictures of GT40 took from internet. I took to many picture on the GT40s website haha !

I wanted to share my project with you. But I don't want to show a pictures, no...I created a Youtube Channel to share my GT40 Project !!! I'm showing all steps I done.
You can follow me at this link (don't forgot to subscrib if you like it) it's in Frensh, but it's very visual:

I will start a new post for my project soon (with some pictures of course) :D


Benjamin G