I have come to the point in life that it is time to de-clutter and have the following books which I purchased in the late 80's and have left sitting in the bookcase ever since.

Ford vs. Ferrari - Revised Edition by Anthony Pritchard published 1984
GT40 by Ronnie Spain published 1986
The Ford GT 40 by David Hodges published 1984
Ford GT 40 Super Profile by John Allen published 1983
Ford GT 40 Sports Cars
– Supercars in Profile No1 by Steve Archibald published 1984

Ford GT40 1964 – 1978 by R.M Clarke
Sotheby’s Sept 1997 Catalogue page 60 – 61 Lot 130 1966 Ford MK1 GT40P/1055
The Ford that Beat Ferrari by John Allen / Gordon Jones published 1985
SAE Papers (Photo copy) The Ford GT sports Car published 1967
Misc Articles from Magazines (Photo copy)1989 - 1990

Would prefer to ship in one lot via a courier service from Switzerland with each item bubble wrapped for protection - will take pictures if anyone interested. There may be a delay in responding since I spend my time travelling (work :-( )