Brake pads again!

Hi all

I want a softer street based pad that will work from cold. I would like to talk to Willwood about options but I don't know the name of the callipers we have fitted to our cars.

Can anyone confirm if they use the Forged Dynalite ? I understand the pad would need to machined down due to the thickness of our rotors but I can probably get that organised.

thanks in advance.


No they are Superlite Radial Mount. Uses pad with 7716 pattern. I believe SPF come standard with BP10 Wilwood pads #150-8855K. Wilwood appears to make most of it's compounds in the narrow 7716 pad now. Would be interesting to know if they can make a softer compound.
FWIW Wilwood has a great brake torque/temperature graph available for each of their pad compounds. In my Pantera I wanted a single pad that would be suitable for street use, yet effective at the kind of moderate-to-severe track day use I would give it. In the end I settled on the BP-20 due to its wide temperature range, and relatively flat torque curve. If you aren’t planning on driving on the track, there are other compounds that are much better for pure street pads.