I am looking at upgrading my braking system on a MK I GTD40 from the standard Granada Scorpio brakes. I am considering upgrading to 6 pot AP Racing calipers with 340mm (13.4 inch) ventilated discs. However, Frank Catt has made me aware of the same setup offered by HiSpec (Monster model), which is considerably cheaper (around half the price). Does anybody have first hand experience of using these on a GT40 replica?

Hi Martin
The front is a Wilwood Superlite 11A 4 pot disc size 323.0 x 32.0
The rear is a Wilwood Dynalite 11 4 pot
disc size 310 x 21

Sold as a kit by Rally Design for the GTD
tel 01795 531871

I had these Rally design units fitted, and they worked superb...
And they are much cheaper compared to Ap ones...

Only watch out your turnin´radius!
At least, KVA had some limitations. Also if you have std or replica halibrand´s you might face some space problems

Hi Martin

Rally Design do a Wilwood kit for the GTD GT40 part No BK 32 front and BK32a for the rear. their tel No 01795 531871


The setup that you mention, what size discs and caliper type?

How do you find the Wilwood setup? I know someone who changed his Wilwood setup to AP Racing because he wasn't impressed with them.