Build a gt40.... challenge accepted

hello my name is Ralph i live in the Houston area i attend many of the car shows where i live and the gt40 is rare to see. I am a GM fan and will always be but lately i have been disappointed by their models ( In love with the LS series motors ) but Shelby cars have a certain BAM!!! i have decided to build a gt40 I have been doing research and found that if i had decided to build one several years ago it would have been a little easier i am having trouble finding a good kit manufacture i have been to this site Ford GT40 Kits and Bodies and found that most of these companies dont make a gt40 kit anymore i have only found RF, CAV, Tornado, and RCR, still making the gt40 kit FFR makes the GTM and for that Price it is tempting but it is not a gt40 (curious to see if they will make a gt40 now that Carroll Shelby has died RIP) I am interested in the CAV so i gave them a call and i couldn't get any pricing info from them and i am a little worried that their STAINLESS STEEL chassis will be much heavier than companies using aluminum can someone give me a list of manufactures currently selling gt40 kits or a link to a thread asking the same thing thanks

If you want an actual "kit", Tornado may be your best bet. CAV does do a "kit", that is, an unassembled car I understand. And of course RCR does a kit.

I would not count on Factory Five doing a GT40 as Shelby was not keeping them from it, Shelby held no rights to the car or design, they were merely a factory team racing the cars.

Ian K

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ERA still makes kits.

I don't think you will find a significant difference in weight between stainless and aluminum. But, if it's really an issue, Tornado has a carbon fiber option.

Jimmy P

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Welcome Ralph, I'm concerned about your comments regarding the CAV cars. Did you check the US website or try to contact their US Rep (Johann Keyser) directly? He's a great guy who can answer all your questions and has direct links to Jean Foure (Factory Owner) in South Africa. Johann's # is (919) 924 9891. Good Luck which ever way you chose to go.


Dave Hood

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Ralph, you may also want to consider purchasing a completed car. In this market it would be less expensive (and of course much less time) than building. There are a number of CAV and RCR cars on the market currently. All with very low mileage.