Build Detail Questions


I enjoy seeing the progress of everyone's different builds here on the forum. There are a few questions that I have about the aluminum chassis panels that I see frequently in many photos. These questions are not only directed at GT40s but for all types of car builds.

1. What thickness and alloy are you using?
2. What size and type of rivets are you using?
3. What is the final dry weight of your car?

Providing a few small details like these may be helpful to other builders.

Regards, Neil Tucson, AZ

Mike Pass

Question 3.

I can't tell you the dry weight but this may help.
Steel space frame, alloy panels, alloy uprights, Mk1 body, SBF 347ci, 8 stack injection system, alloy heads, Renault UN1 box, 15" wheels with Avons, All fluids and some fuel, no driver.
Total 1,200Kg, Front 508 Kg, Rear 692 Kg. Measured on accurate electronic corner weight pads. Flat floor.


Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
Neil, you already know about my project. The result was about 1000Kg, 60/40 split. I used 1/8" Avex aluminum (steel mandrel) and .032 aluminum shear panels (HVAC shop alloy), with some .040, and up to .063 if the area of reinforcement is large, or not augmented by a diagonal. Floor is .125 being that is the only thing between me and the road, with a mix of 1/8" and up to 1/4" rivets depending on where the rivets are located and what's being fastened.


Thanks for the info, Terry.
Just a tidbit of info to pass along to the GT40 fellows-- At lunch today I asked John Horsman if he remembered the weight of their (FAV) Mark I GT40s. He remembered that the weight at Le Mans scrutineering was about 1050 kg. He said that their cars varied from about 1025 kg to almost 1100 kg for supposedly similar cars. Of course those GT40s were not equipped with air conditioning, radios, CD players, etc. so it is not surprising that replicas are somewhat heavier than the originals.

Regards, Neil Tucson, AZ