Build sequence, Southern GT

I´ve been browsing the build logs to get an idea of how I can stage up a Southern GT build. I know its going to be done over several years in stages not in one short sprint, both due to finances and time restraints.

Can all the paneling be done before anything else is installed, or does the steering rack, heater/aircon, pedal box and associated hoses/tubes have to go in before some of the panels are fitted?

I am aware its going to be more expensive to stage build rather than purchase a "complete" kit due to extra shipping etc. but its the way its got to be.
Hi there,

I completely understand where you are coming from, as I am in the same situation. I am now 1 year into a SGT build, and I am happy to let you know of any tips or tricks I have learned along the way.

But as Mick said, panels first, and this is no small task to get it to 'look' right