Bulkhead Window Specs and Picture

I was hoping someone here could help me with the specs on the rear bulkhead (firewall) window and frame on an original GT40 MKI. On the frame I’d like to know its height and width. I also would like a picture of how it sits on the bulkhead so I can see how much gap there is from the roof to the top of the frame and if the opening in the frame is the same as the bulkhead. If nothing else one good picture of the window would answer most of my questions. The car is so low that every interior shot I’ve looked at so far doesn’t show enough of the window to be of any help. Thanks for the help.
I'm in the same boat, however, I need this to finish welding the crosspiece between the rear "hoop"... could guesstimate based on the rear clip opening and size accordingly but it would be nice to have a measurement :)
What if I ask pretty please? Here’s a chance to show off one of your great pictures or your real GT40. All I’m asking for is one good picture of the firewall window. You guys are the keepers of the history so please share some. Thanks.
There is a picture of the window in the gallery. I can't help with the measurements.
Go to the gallery photos and look in 'Historic Competetion and racing section"...go to page 5 and scroll down about halfway. The photo is labled Lemans Classic 2006 and shows a rear view of the car with the rear clip off that was posted by Nanard289.
Thanks, between the two pictures I think I have my answer. I've never spent much time in the gallery because of my slow connection at home. Lots of great stuff. Now if I could only get somone to take some measurments. Thanks again!