bundle of snakes magic-man needed

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That is easy - and you are in luck.

SPD who are just a little east of Sacramento in Rancho Cordova.

Here is a contact link:

Contact Us

These guys are probably better than just about anyone - their work is like jewelry.

I got a quote for $3500 for a bundle of snakes exhaust on my GT40 - worth every penny.
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X3 on SPD. Thay made a set of SS bundle of snakes for the Gurney Lotus 19B that I work on nearly 20 years ago. Still look work and look fantastic.

If you are in Sac I hope to see this project of yours some time. My curiosity has been piqued.
I thought if the firing order was 18436572, the the collectors should be
14 83
76 52

1476 together
8352 together

That puts the pulses 90* apart
hey Adrian,

I don't think you are right on that. If you flip the 7 and 6 around you have it. you don't have the correct angle inbetween "cyl7 and cyl1" & "cyl6 and cyl4", they will be way out then.

strange thing is that you do have the order of the A collector 8352 right.

it doens't matter if the whole collector is turned (counter)clockwise for ease of installation. as long as the pairs are the same, you will then gain maximum on scavenging effect.

@ Edward,
I saw you PM on lextreme, but am not able to show anything as I went on building the car with a GM engine. I believe Errol Richardson is able to provide some input on this matter. he's on there named RMS or Richardson Motorsport.

regards thomas
Adrian and Thomas

Edward has it right. Check again with the firing order specified by edward. Every other number in the sequence gives 1467 and 8352. Adrian - you have 8325 which is wrong.

But don't be too worried. The original order for real 40s (also copied by many replicas) is also 'wrong' on the right hand collector (1476) if you are bothered about the rotational effect.

Thanx lee,

as you can see the drawing that edward has put up is actually mine :)

I'm pretty sure you do not wat to have one collector in sync and the other out of sync, wouldnt that provide a strange running engine on high rpm?'

then again i've never driven 2 side by side

grtz thomas rouw
thomas, thanks for the drawing, saved me tons of work.
so teh A collector is like this? I changed it
look at collector A now

the second one is WRONG!

you can see that; regarding to the firing order 1 8 4 3 6 5 7 2 the numbers stated in the second picture are not in sequence. the follow up must be "8&3 3&5 5&2 and to make the circle round 2&8".
In the second picture the circle isn't round and thuss inbalance in scavanging is introduced there. As said it does not matter if the whole lot is turned around in one way or another as long as the pairs stated are next to eachother in both collectors.

regards Thomas
You can use the exact same as the 289/early 302. Its exactly the same firing order. It just looks different as Toyota number the cylinders differently to Ford!
Toyota in NASCAR and now a Toyota engine in a GT40. You Toyota guys are always talking up your resale numbers. So just what do you think the resale value will be of a Toyota powered GT40? Just who is going to buy it? Do yourself and your family a favor and unload it on e-bay. If the likes of Dan Gurney can get burned by Toyota (see his book, Gurneys Racing Eagles) , you don't stand a chance. And yes, what you going to do when your thottle sticks. But seriously, get yourself a fresh copy of the Ford Racing catalog and get yourself a propper Ford engine for your GT40. Thank me by sending me a bottle of Dranbue. ranger jim
Hey Ranger Jim,
Although I'm one of those guys that would have to have a Ford engine in a GT40, I do believe that any builder makes his own party and the guest list is of his choosing.
At least they are actually doing something constructive.
Strangely enough resale value has zero consideration. If I had to guess, worth slightly more than RV8 and less than a SBF powered. For me, if I was in the US it would be a no brainer but I'm not and things are different here. Besides I'll probably make up the difference between resale values in fuel costs!

Ian Anderson

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Damn David you are dissing my engine?

Actually I think you are just about right in your estimation but I'd add a good Chevy between Lexus and Ford

Still the 250hp out of the all alloy Rover fuel enjected mill is plenty to scare me!

:) I wouldn't diss anyones choice of engine. Everyone has their reasons as to why they choose what they choose. Hell if someone wants to run a turbo rotary (about as far away from original as it is possible to get) while not my cup of tea in a GT40 I'd just ask for pictures. :)

How much difference are we really talking about? If you're talking £1-3k then that's the difference in price between the engines so makes no difference. If you're talking £6k+ then I'll just swap in a SBF when (if) it eventually comes to sell it. I figure it would cost me about ~£5k to swap in an SBF (of the same if not a little more power as the 1UZ-FE).

250hp in a ~1000kg car is enough to be plenty fun. Our 'sensible' car has 260 and is fun but then has 1700kg to lug around. I'm planning on 260-300 for mine, enough to be fun. Not so much that it gets silly.