Camera cars for "Ford vs. Ferrari"


RCR GT 40 Gulf Livery 347 Eight Stack injection
I'm waiting on the DVD

but come to think of it, big screen? hmmm! yep! I'll have to go the to the theater for this one.
I'm surprised to see that there are mirrors, there were none in 1966,
It's not serious :(
Hi - I was the vehicle art director for all the cars. Yes we were very aware of most offending details, however the lead stunt driver requested these side mirrors for safety reasons. It was a judgement call, and the best we could do after was match the body color. Cheers, Rob
Details, details...I will see it at the theatre, large popcorn in hand and surely enjoy it as much as Vanishing Point, Crazy Larry/Dirty Mary when I was a kid!!! It's a car movie dudes!!! And a whole lotta folks will find out what Shelby and GT40 means...good for the hobby.

Bill Kearley

Dave, I hope there is no comparison, I hope for accurate, interesting, entertaining movie with out to much Hollywood drama.
I plan on going to Vancouver to watch it with my son.