Can you tag or name images?

is it possible to add tags, descriptions, names to images as they are uploaded?

might help find things at a latter date.
how does the "media" search thing work in the advanced search options then, is it just based on album or location name?

Ron Earp

Well.......if you give it a try it turns out you can place tags on the photos which I assume are searchable.

Interesting Ron,

How do you bring that up?
I don’t recall seeing that when I added the image to my build diary last night using the “Attach File” button associated with the post.
Do I need to set up an Album or something?
And then link the images via hypertext to the diary post.

Regards Ryan

Ron Earp

It only applies to images you are loading into the media albums. Click the media menu link above and explore there I think it'll be self-explanatory. You'd then copy the link from the media gallery and paste into your post. Like this:


Ron Earp

Heh heh!

I am planning a "Sydney Motorsports Collage" here soon where I'll use a lot of pictures of her with cars over the years. She's off to college in five weeks so she's leaving the nest.
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